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The Next Mass Transit System.

This video features solution to the present day scenario for developing as well as developed nation were traffic activity jumps expontentially.

This man has a vision to develop mass transit system that to with minimal possible usage of resources.All he states is that to change the approch to mass transit design ehich we find in our daily life.

Many european Tram and Road based transit system needs a part of land (may be as divider between the highways), which creates to add another traffic safety consideration for the other drivers.Further the whole street scape gets disturbed due to the wire mesh all over the road,which further seems difficult for electrically safe city.

Due to the innovation fuel based engine which seems quite apt for future demand and also possible,a new system is generated without influencing the other.This is a another way towards sustainable city project.Where mass transit system is fast and reliable.Huge investments are to be made but this product design seems to be a profitable only with government initiative.

In India were Delhi Board as recently approved (1st Jan 2011) new low floor bus engines running on the roads.Is this the solution for avoiding mishaps?I suppose no.We need to find more rational approach which we find already installed right outside the other part of the world.