How much Green are our Green Homes?

Nowadays we care for growing trees likewise reduction of carbon content in society in which we like to live. Each year students are asked to plant at least a sapling in their school campus on the occasion of World Environment Day. Almost a handsome strength gathers to make the mark. Educational activities are conducted and a very obvious speech, I mean a student is well acquainted with the matter, is addressed by the chief guests. We all enjoy the day with refreshment provided by the organisation. This all activities results into spreading the word of Sustainable Future Living. Well what is wrong here? We have never cared for nourishing these plants. How many times we sprinkle water, or care for managing it to grow (trimming, cutting etc.)?In fact if not the gardener who cares there would be no shrubs around my campus (I suppose). Same thing happens when we consider to be our house.

Power Generation System .
Consider from where the chain begins. We produce electrical energy from steam boiler where we pressurise water and make turbines to rotate as a result of power production. Thermal Energy has played a role for power production. During winters we use electric room heater and geysers and other appliances to increase the temperature. We simply states if 1000kW is the rating of appliance we are wasting more than 1000Kw (if we consider power transmission and efficiency) a loop chain is formed with loss of energy. Hence it is said to be a Thermodynamic crime! Where the energy is flowing? Designers go for sealing the room volumetrically adding extra insulating material to prove it to be an Energy efficient Green Home. Systems like increasing the temperature should be designed separately from our power grid system, may be fuel based appliances may be proffered over electrical based.

Water Efficiency.
We install a rainwater harvesting system which collects water to manage the water efficiency of home. Knowing that we as an architect design bathtubs and fountains in the very same house were recreation is the only motive. Although how much you recycle the water, by performing this activity we are losing electrical energy as well as water loss due to evaporation. On one part we improve Green creditability and on the other we loss it for mere luxury.


About divyeshkr

I am a Student,from IIT Roorkee.Interested in Building Information Modeling (BIM),Future Concepts in Architecture, Green Buildings and Photography

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