Revit Architecture 2011

It is a tool which saves an architect’s life from burning him/her out of clients.When Plans are to be changed and so the other normal views like section, elevation etc.. will require extra time if not the BIM Revit marvelous product by autodesk.Therefore it is very important that when you modify a plan, elevation every other views are to be changed.

Lets have two perspective one from architect side and the other from clients

Revit architecture for clients.

Their aim is to extract as many possibilities of best possible built form with a financial restrictions, this is how clients are defined.When they need help from architects they want lavishness from a bit piece of land, may be closed from all other 3 sides.

Once I had a change to plan a house of my relative and was got stuck in a great issues where nobody can help but Revit.

In my case the plot size was squeezed out from a 3 sided covered by neighbor housing.This makes your creativity to a minimal level because in that case no skills are required , no energy saving green concepts ,no wind flow and no sun path.Immediate reaction after seeing such a condition is to get rid off the project,but you have t0 still carry on.

When you start planning thinking that a all functions are properly done and every inch of your designed has cleared all your site bye-law,taking all night you start drafting and get into the visualization,the other day Client comes and mentions that he needs to make out one more room instead of porch and garden.

Oh its all messed up.You dream for becoming a great architect and the client makes to drafter.At that time you will start of think why he heired me? Really you can stay off your clients but you cant be able to manage you relatives house designs.

Revit Architecture for  -Architects

When it comes for deadline submissions its so easy.Get started with plans and its all done with 3-d views also.



About divyeshkr

I am a Student,from IIT Roorkee.Interested in Building Information Modeling (BIM),Future Concepts in Architecture, Green Buildings and Photography

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